November 17, 2021

Filter By Region

Version 1.6 of the Polis-Inventory app is release and includes a number of enhancements described here.

Filter By Region

We are pleased to report Polis Inventory Version 1.6 was just released.

Enhancements include:

  • Filter Poleis by Region: The Inventory assigns all 1035 to one of 46 regions, including one small group of Poleis that has no physical assignment at all. Now you may plot one region at a time, while at the same time using the other filters that were previously available.
  • Plotting by region allowed for a better visualization of where to best locate the sets of Poleis that are assigned to a region, but whose locations within it are undetermined. Now all such clusters of Poleis are plotted over water, adjacent to their sister Poleis. The one set of Poleis that are unknown both in region and location are plotted in the middle of the Mediterranean, east of Antikythera.
  • Plotting by region also illuminated some Polis location errors and so these were addressed.
  • We also improved the user experience, fixed some small defects and tested against the latest Apple operating systems and devices.

Polis Inventory runs on the iPhone, iPad and MacOS (both Intel and M1 chips).

Feedback is welcome, please contact us at

Region: Arkadia

Example of the region Arkadia

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